Killer Conscience
I'm Julia, and if you're reading this I want you to know that I've fallen head over heels for you.
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Just her. (via thenameszaira)

The way she holds me
Getting into bed with her at night
The touch of her skin
Finally seeing her after not seeing her in a few days
The way she smiles just before she kisses me
Knowing I want to spend the rest of my life with her





I’m so done with this site…

leonardo dicaprio for next doctor ok

(via vanillacoconuts)

people-are-insane asked: I LOVE YOU


I love YOU.

Anonymous asked: You are the most beautiful human being I have ever seen


As are you my love ;)


hey there delilah whats it like up in rack city?

i see 10s of 10s of 20s laying down upon your titties

yes i do

no one can twerk dat ass like you

i swear its true

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